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My philosophy is simple, I approach mastering with a humble and curious outlook. I want you and me to work together on realizing your musical goals.

The word together there is essential. When it comes to music there are few rights or wrongs, but there are helpful guidelines. This is where I come in. When you send me a mix, I will give you objective thoughts on what you can do to improve the impact of your track. 

The way I learned to mix and master, is literally by working with talented mastering engineers. For me, this is the biggest reason why you need to work with a human mastering engineer (and not an automated “online mastering” or some other post-apocalyptic AI mastering nonsense.) You will learn shitloads.

Furthermore, music is not quantifiable (as of right now, at least), an algorithm can therefore not make decisions that it hasn’t been told to, and by extension it can’t be groundbreaking in terms of sound design, and could only follow developments in retrospect.


If you need a quick master for the DJ set tonight, services like emastered, LANDR, soundtrap or Soundclouds “mastering” might all be adequate options. But is adequate really what we’re aiming for with our music? Not me. Most likely not you. 

I’m on a lifelong quest for better sounding audio, I apply this methodology in all my musical endeavours. This quest is also the reason why I offer free revisions on all my masters.

If you are interested in my productions you can find them here


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The masters are sounding excellent

- Vinicius Honorio

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