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I LOVE them man, very, very clean once again, and PUNCHY!!!

- Advanced Human (Gynoid Audio)

Special thanks to Niclas Erlandsson for his work as creative mastering engineer. I'm always surprised and encouraged by the things you're able to hear inside the music.

- O.N.A

Hey man, the masters sounds ace. Thank you.

- Subjected (PFTA)

Mate many thanks for this excellent master, sounds really great

- Michel Lauriola

Love the masters

- Sandro Galli & DJ OGI

Previous clients include: Funk Tribu, Paul Copping, Part Time Killer, Subjected, Orion, Vinicius Honorio, Sandro Galli, DJ Ogi, Insolate, Speedmaster Records, United We Stream, Chlär, RAW Agency, Lex Gorrie, Michel Lauriola, Fixeer, Mattias Fridell, Advanced Human, Unknown Timeline, Inigo Kennedy, Gynoid Audio, Extra Energy & more.


The masters are sounding excellent

- Vinicius Honorio

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